Advanced Packaging Equipment

Solder Bumping
Solder Rework
Wafer Level Packaging   
e-Ni/Au Plating
Backend & Assembly


PacTech provides state-of-the-art automated equipment to the Wafer Level Packaging and Backend Industries.  This equipment is divided into three separate platforms: e-Ni/Au Plating, Solder Bumping, and Backend Assembly.

The fully automatic electroless nickel plating line (PACLINE™ Series 200 and 300)
 allows the processing of 100-300mm wafers with Ni, Pd, and Au at volumes of 600,000 parts per year.   In addition, PacTech offers the peripheral equipment associated with electroless plating, including: plasma clean (PlasPac), resist and dielectric coating (
ASC 200/300), megasonic solvent cleaning (MegaPac).

PacTech offers two different equipment platforms for solder deposition. These include the Laser Assisted Solder Jetting (SB²) and the Wafer Level Solder Balling (Ultra-SB²)
machines. The SB²-Jet is ideal for processing MEMS, Military, and Medical applications; as well as single die, probe cards, substrates, Hard Disc Drive heads and camera modules. The Wafer Level Solder Balling equipment is ideal for high yield and high volume bumping applications.

To facilitate a full turn key solution to their equipment line, PacTech offers a full set of additional equipment for Wafel Level Packaging and Backend appplications, including: laser based assembly tools LAPLACE™-FC, LAPLACE-Cap, LAPLACE-Can, Laser Marking (LS²) and Reflow Oven

Electroless Ni Plating:

Solder Balling & Solder Ball Rework:

Backend and Assembly:

___Electroless Plating Lines PacLine
___Plasma Descum and Etch PlasPac
___Spin Coating and Developer ASC 200/300
___Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool   MegaPac

__Solder Jetting SB²-Jet
Wafer Level Solder Balling Ultra-SB²
__Wafer Level Solder Rework/ Reballing Ultra-SB² WLR

  Flip Chip Assembly LAPLACE-FC & LAPLACE-FC R2R
  Capacitor Bonding
  Cantilever Bonding
  Backside Laser Marking LS²

Wafer Level Reflow Oven RFM/RFA 200/300



ASC 200/300



Ultra-SB² 300

Ultra-SB² 300 WLR



LAPLACE-FC Reel to Reel



LS2 Laser Marking

Reflow Oven RFA 200/300

Reflow Oven RFM 200/300